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active - Variable in class ovh.spajste.yeti.Readout
addPortMenuItem() - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.gui.RootMenuController


CalculatedEngineLoadReadout - Class in ovh.spajste.yeti
CalculatedEngineLoadReadout() - Constructor for class ovh.spajste.yeti.CalculatedEngineLoadReadout
calculateValue() - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.CalculatedEngineLoadReadout
calculateValue() - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.EngineCoolantTemperatureReadout
calculateValue() - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.IntakeAirTemperatureReadout
calculateValue() - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.IntakeMainfoldAbsolutePressureReadout
calculateValue() - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.LongTermFuelTrimBank1
calculateValue() - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.Readout
Calculate the value from given readout buffer.
calculateValue() - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.RPMReadout
calculateValue() - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.ShortTermFuelTrimBank1Readout
calculateValue() - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.ThrottlePositionReadout
calculateValue() - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.TimingAdvanceReadout
calculateValue() - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.VehicleSpeedReadout
clearPortMenuItem() - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.gui.RootMenuController
close() - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.ELMInterface
closeConnection(SerialPort) - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.SerialCommunication
convertELMdataToByteArray(String) - Static method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.ELMInterface


ELMInterface - Class in ovh.spajste.yeti
ELMInterface is class providing an abstraction layer with ELM327 interface.
ELMInterface() - Constructor for class ovh.spajste.yeti.ELMInterface
Constructor for ELMInterface.
elmInterface - Static variable in class ovh.spajste.yeti.RootWindow
encode() - Static method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.FuelSystemStatusEncoder
EngineCoolantTemperatureReadout - Class in ovh.spajste.yeti
EngineCoolantTemperatureReadout() - Constructor for class ovh.spajste.yeti.EngineCoolantTemperatureReadout


fillRpmLabel() - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.gui.RootMenuController
FuelSystemStatusEncoder - Class in ovh.spajste.yeti


getActive() - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.Readout
Gets whether readout should be polled by ELMInterface.
getCurrentProtocol() - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.ELMInterface
getExpectedBytes() - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.CalculatedEngineLoadReadout
getExpectedBytes() - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.EngineCoolantTemperatureReadout
getExpectedBytes() - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.IntakeAirTemperatureReadout
getExpectedBytes() - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.IntakeMainfoldAbsolutePressureReadout
getExpectedBytes() - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.LongTermFuelTrimBank1
getExpectedBytes() - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.Readout
Gets the number of bytes expected by readout.
getExpectedBytes() - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.RPMReadout
getExpectedBytes() - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.ShortTermFuelTrimBank1Readout
getExpectedBytes() - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.ThrottlePositionReadout
getExpectedBytes() - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.TimingAdvanceReadout
getExpectedBytes() - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.VehicleSpeedReadout
getExpectedMode() - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.CalculatedEngineLoadReadout
getExpectedMode() - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.EngineCoolantTemperatureReadout
getExpectedMode() - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.IntakeAirTemperatureReadout
getExpectedMode() - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.IntakeMainfoldAbsolutePressureReadout
getExpectedMode() - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.LongTermFuelTrimBank1
getExpectedMode() - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.Readout
Gets the number of mode expectedy by readout
getExpectedMode() - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.RPMReadout
getExpectedMode() - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.ShortTermFuelTrimBank1Readout
getExpectedMode() - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.ThrottlePositionReadout
getExpectedMode() - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.TimingAdvanceReadout
getExpectedMode() - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.VehicleSpeedReadout
getName() - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.ELMInterface
getName() - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.Readout
Gets the name of readout.
getPid() - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.Readout
Gets the PID of readout itself.
getReadoutsData() - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.ELMInterface
getSerialPortsSystemNames() - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.SerialCommunication
getUnit() - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.Readout
Gets the unit which the readout returns the value in.
getValue() - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.Readout
Gets the value of readout.


initialize(String) - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.ELMInterface
Initialize connection with ELM interface.
IntakeAirTemperatureReadout - Class in ovh.spajste.yeti
IntakeAirTemperatureReadout() - Constructor for class ovh.spajste.yeti.IntakeAirTemperatureReadout
IntakeMainfoldAbsolutePressureReadout - Class in ovh.spajste.yeti
IntakeMainfoldAbsolutePressureReadout() - Constructor for class ovh.spajste.yeti.IntakeMainfoldAbsolutePressureReadout
InvalidReadoutException - Exception in ovh.spajste.yeti
InvalidReadoutException() - Constructor for exception ovh.spajste.yeti.InvalidReadoutException
InvalidReadoutException(String) - Constructor for exception ovh.spajste.yeti.InvalidReadoutException
InvalidReadoutException(String, Throwable) - Constructor for exception ovh.spajste.yeti.InvalidReadoutException
InvalidReadoutException(Throwable) - Constructor for exception ovh.spajste.yeti.InvalidReadoutException


LongTermFuelTrimBank1 - Class in ovh.spajste.yeti
LongTermFuelTrimBank1() - Constructor for class ovh.spajste.yeti.LongTermFuelTrimBank1


main(String[]) - Static method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.RootWindow


name - Variable in class ovh.spajste.yeti.Readout


openConnection(SerialPort, int) - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.SerialCommunication
ovh.spajste.yeti - package ovh.spajste.yeti
ovh.spajste.yeti.gui - package ovh.spajste.yeti.gui


pid - Variable in class ovh.spajste.yeti.Readout
PortNotOpenException - Exception in ovh.spajste.yeti
PortNotOpenException() - Constructor for exception ovh.spajste.yeti.PortNotOpenException
PortNotOpenException(String) - Constructor for exception ovh.spajste.yeti.PortNotOpenException
PortNotOpenException(String, Throwable) - Constructor for exception ovh.spajste.yeti.PortNotOpenException
PortNotOpenException(Throwable) - Constructor for exception ovh.spajste.yeti.PortNotOpenException


quitItem() - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.gui.RootMenuController


readData(SerialPort) - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.SerialCommunication
Readout - Class in ovh.spajste.yeti
Readout is abstract class representing generic readout from OBD-II/ELM interface.
Readout() - Constructor for class ovh.spajste.yeti.Readout
Constructor for Readout.
Readout(String) - Constructor for class ovh.spajste.yeti.Readout
Constructor for Readout, setting the name parameter.
readoutBuffer - Variable in class ovh.spajste.yeti.Readout
rescanSerialPorts() - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.SerialCommunication
root - Static variable in class ovh.spajste.yeti.RootWindow
RootMenuController - Class in ovh.spajste.yeti.gui
RootMenuController() - Constructor for class ovh.spajste.yeti.gui.RootMenuController
RootWindow - Class in ovh.spajste.yeti
RootWindow() - Constructor for class ovh.spajste.yeti.RootWindow
RPMReadout - Class in ovh.spajste.yeti
RPMReadout() - Constructor for class ovh.spajste.yeti.RPMReadout


selectPort(String) - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.SerialCommunication
sendData(SerialPort, byte[]) - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.SerialCommunication
serial - Static variable in class ovh.spajste.yeti.RootWindow
SerialCommunication - Class in ovh.spajste.yeti
SerialSendDataException - Exception in ovh.spajste.yeti
SerialSendDataException() - Constructor for exception ovh.spajste.yeti.SerialSendDataException
SerialSendDataException(String) - Constructor for exception ovh.spajste.yeti.SerialSendDataException
SerialSendDataException(String, Throwable) - Constructor for exception ovh.spajste.yeti.SerialSendDataException
SerialSendDataException(Throwable) - Constructor for exception ovh.spajste.yeti.SerialSendDataException
setActive(boolean) - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.Readout
Sets whether readout should be polled by ELMInterface.
setName(String) - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.Readout
Set the name of readout.
setReadoutBuffer(byte[]) - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.Readout
Set the readout buffer.
setUnit(String) - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.Readout
Sets the unit which the readout returns the value in.
ShortTermFuelTrimBank1Readout - Class in ovh.spajste.yeti
ShortTermFuelTrimBank1Readout() - Constructor for class ovh.spajste.yeti.ShortTermFuelTrimBank1Readout
start(Stage) - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.RootWindow


ThrottlePositionReadout - Class in ovh.spajste.yeti
ThrottlePositionReadout() - Constructor for class ovh.spajste.yeti.ThrottlePositionReadout
TimingAdvanceReadout - Class in ovh.spajste.yeti
TimingAdvanceReadout() - Constructor for class ovh.spajste.yeti.TimingAdvanceReadout


unit - Variable in class ovh.spajste.yeti.Readout


value - Variable in class ovh.spajste.yeti.Readout
VehicleSpeedReadout - Class in ovh.spajste.yeti
VehicleSpeedReadout() - Constructor for class ovh.spajste.yeti.VehicleSpeedReadout


waitAndReadData(SerialPort) - Method in class ovh.spajste.yeti.SerialCommunication
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